Why Us?


Why door-to-door eye examination?

  • Compared to traditional eye examinations, examinations carried out at your home by an optometrist produce the most exact prescription, depending on the living and working environment (such as computer distance, indoor lighting, etc.) of each individual.
  • Allow eye examinations in the environment most familiar to the patients, effectively reducing the anxiety of children and the elderly, due to the “white coat effect”.
  • Allow evaluation of the living environment for children, starting from their daily environment and habits, to formulate an appropriate treatment plan for amblyopia (lazy eyes) and myopia control.
  • Ease people with limited mobility, or who need to stay home to take care of other family members.
  • It can greatly save time in going out or waiting, and users can enjoy professional eye examination services at home, or in the office.
  • The registered Optometrist for the on-site eye examination is equipped with various portable instruments and photographic devices, which can let the eye tester know the conditions of their eyes instantly.

Youth endows us with vigour and diligence, and we promise to do our best to bring to you and your family, a considerate, careful and professional eye care experience, to protect the window of your soul and your family.