What is the cost for home-based optometric service?

As of March 31st 2023, i-SEE’s home-based optometric services have been granted official funding from the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Hong Kong Government. The service fee now comprehensively covers all expenses for eye examinations and transportation, with the exception of the costs associated with purchasing vision correction tools such as glasses.

Service Fee Charge for Home-based Optometric Services

$200 / Head

How long does the service typically take?

The home-based optometric service takes approximately 1.5 hours. Please make sure to set aside enough time for the appointment!

During a traditional eye examination, an optometrist measures my vision from a specific distance. But what about accuracy when measuring vision at home?

Don’t worry, we employ a computer-based visual acuity chart program that enables manual calibration of font size in response to different testing distances. Therefore, the accuracy of the vision test is no different from that of a traditional eye exam.

How to make an appointment?

Click here now to select your preferred appointment time.

Where is your store located?

The addresses of our alliance stores are as follows:

Suite 1317, 13/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong(Please make appointment

Has i-SEE been registered in Hong Kong?

i-SEE Vision Care Limited is a registered company in Hong Kong and has obtained a business registration certificate. You can find more information on the registration status of the company in the company registry through the following ways:

  • Conduct online search through Cyber Search Centre
  • Use a smartphone or mobile device to log in to Company Search Mobile Service

In addition, every registered optometrist who provides home-based services will carry their registration certificate and annual practicing certificate to prove their registration qualifications and facilitate users who need to check them at any time.

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