Comprehensive Eye Examination


We are at risk of suffering from eye diseases at all stages, yet it is not uncommon not to have a regular comprehensive eye examination for citizens in Hong Kong, causing them to miss the best treatment time for most eye diseases. To ensure the health of the eyes, people of all ages, children, adults, or the elderly, are recommended to have comprehensive eye examinations at least annually to understand and monitor the health condition of the eyes.

i-SEE provides comprehensive eye examination services with different sets of content tailored to eye examinations for infants, schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly. i-SEE is the safeguard of your precious windows to the soul with our professional eye care advice and rehabilitation programs.

Infants( 0.5 – 3 Years )

The first 12 months of life are the period of the most rapid development of vision in the eyes and brain. Any eye health problems or abnormal vision (such as high myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism) can slow down the development of vision, and eventually develop into amblyopia (or lazy eye), in which any visual aids would become futile in correcting patients’ vision. i-SEE would evaluate the visual status of your kids by conducting investigation into family history, together with a thorough eye examination with the aid of various ophthalmic devices.

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Children and Adolescents( 4 – 18 Years )

Since myopia is irreversible and can induce various eye diseases (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, etc.), parents should address the problem as early as possible and follow the advice of our optometrist to adopt any myopia control plan once your child is suspected to suffer from myopia.

i-SEE would offer a comprehensive eye examination for all school-aged children and adolescents which include prescription determination, squint screening, color vision test and stereopsis test.

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Adults and Elderly( Above 18 Years )

Your eyes change as you age. Even if you don’t need glasses, your eyes can also suffer from hidden eye diseases (such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Therefore, we still recommend that all adults undergo a detailed eye examination at least once a year. 

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