Adults and The Elderly


We will carry out the following procedures for adults and the elderly aged above 18 years old

  • Medical Interview and Medical History Inquiry
  • Measurement of Blood Pressure
  • Measurement of Visual Acuity
  • Strabismus Screening and Binocular Coordination Examination
  • Measurement of Refractive Error
  • Color Vision Test
  • Stereopsis Test
  • Measurement of Intraocular Pressure
  • Glaucoma Risk Assessment
  • External and Internal Ocular Health Examination
  • Detailed Consultation and Explanation of Results

Q I don’t wear glasses, do I need an eye exam?

Even if you don’t need glasses, your eyes can also suffer from hidden eye diseases. Therefore, we still recommend that all adults undergo a detailed eye examination at least once a year.

Q What are the common eye problems in adults and the elderly?

Macular Degeneration