About us



i-SEE Vision Care Limited (“i-SEE”) is a pioneering enterprise that provides outreach optometric services, to address the overwhelming demands of the disabled and the elderly.

With the aid of portable optical instruments and optometry devices, i-SEE performs accurate prescription measurement and detailed ocular health assessments in a place other than conventional eye examination rooms, echoing our slogan “Vision Care, Anywhere”. i-SEE has also been working hand in hand with physical optometry clinics to provide orthokeratology service, which serves as a surgery-free option for all ages to correct their near-sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism.

i-SEE wishes to promote the awareness of eye care and related issues to the public, through our sharing of practical eye care information and our online optometric consultation platform.

i-SEE attaches great importance to children’s vision development, and will provide tailor-made vision therapy services to children at an elevated risk of having a squint and lazy eye, taking into account the individual’s practical environment and home setting. To ensure the effectiveness of vision recovery, we will monitor the progress of the training throughout the therapy through regular home visits.


  • To provide the latest and most accurate information on eye care and optometry products based on scientific research.
  • To make good use of our professional knowledge and technology to guard the windows of the soul.


To combine the expertise of ophthalmologists and optometrists to enhance the public’s knowledge of eye health care and optometry products.


Sincerity / Enthusiasm / Efficiency


In addition to providing accessible education through online information platform, i-SEE will regularly participate in volunteer and charitable activities to provide free outreach ophthalmology and optometry services to the disadvantaged and the elderly. This will allow people from all walks of life to understand their eyes’ conditions.